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Our self-driving technology and services enable businesses to unlock the power of autonomy sooner for safer and more efficient operations. Discover how we’re helping organisations in diverse industries get the most out of their autonomous fleets.

Passenger shuttles with Beep

We’ve partnered with Beep, a provider of autonomous shared mobility solutions, to deploy vehicles driven by our self-driving software product, Oxa Driver, across the US.

The partnership will see our software installed in a variety of vehicle types operated by Beep, from passenger shuttles to future vehicle platforms - enabling safe, secure and efficient passenger transportation.

Goods delivery with Ocado Technology

We are working closely with Ocado Technology to develop autonomous mobility solutions that are uniquely designed for the demands of the online grocery space.

Our goal is to enable partners on the Ocado Smart Platform to transform the operational economics of their last mile operations.

Autonomous vehicles for the energy industry with bp

We’ve teamed up with bp to deploy our self-driving software across its refineries and wind and solar farms. Our technology enhances human operations and improves safety by increasing the level of monitoring for irregular conditions, faulty equipment and security threats.

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Our autonomy software platform and services enable organisations to deploy self-driving vehicle technology sooner for safer, more efficient operations.

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