Solutions that enable you to benefit from autonomy today

Whatever your industry, we have a solution that works for you.

Software and services that unlock the value of autonomous vehicles

Universal Autonomy™ means safe, secure and efficient autonomy for any vehicle.

Whatever industry you operate in, whatever the purpose of your vehicles, we have a solution to help deliver safer, more efficient operations.

Overcome driver shortages

Self-driving vehicles are key to overcoming the worldwide shortage of drivers and to ensuring resilient business operations.

Improve safety

Self-driving vehicles never get tired or distracted. They can also operate safely in environments that are hazardous for humans.

Increase efficiency and lower costs

Self-driving vehicles can be lighter, use less energy and operate safely for longer, helping reduce operational costs.

Transition to EV

Autonomy empowers businesses to use smaller vehicles, enabling them to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles and meet Net Zero goals.

Unlock the power of autonomy, even in the most challenging environments

Enable safe and efficient self-driving of any vehicle with Oxa Driver.

Safe, secure and private

Our software ensures the safe operation of vehicles. The data generated is processed and stored efficiently and securely. Always.

A trusted advisor at the heart of the autonomy ecosystem

From the start, Oxa has collaborated with key players from across the industry so that everyone can realise the benefits of autonomy sooner. Our specialist knowledge and extensive network put us in a prime position to deliver tailored services that help you accelerate your autonomy goals. Areas we cover include:

  • Strategy development and proving the business case for autonomy

  • Vehicle integration

  • Customer support and remote assistance

Confidently plan where to deploy self-driving vehicles driven by Oxa with our comprehensive route evaluation service. Oxa Scout combines simplified data collection and digital twins to evaluate performance in different conditions so that you can:

  • Prioritise the most feasible opportunities for deploying AVs sooner

  • Reduce wasted effort and mitigate potential risks early

  • Capture essential information ahead of deployment

Evaluate opportunities for self-driving technology in your business today.