About Oxa

We're changing the way the Earth moves.

The future of mobility

Oxa was founded with a singular vision — to build software that enables any vehicle to be self-driving, anywhere, at any time. We call it Universal Autonomy™.

Eight years and over 300 people later, we are accelerating the transition to self-driving technology with software solutions that enable businesses to deploy autonomy into their operations safely, securely and efficiently. Today.

From the virtual testing environment, to the software driving the vehicles and our cloud-based management tools, we help any business with transportation in its value chain get the most from their fleets.

Awards and recognition

Oxa has won awards not just for its technology, but for its approach to innovation. For us, innovation is as much a part of our business as safety; we can’t have one without the other. But whilst recognition and awards are always welcome, the real benefit is the added reassurance they give our customers, partners, investors and the wider public. Their trust in us is everything.

We're leading the way to a safer future


We’re proud to be backed by investors who share our vision of Universal Autonomy™ — the ability of any vehicle to operate autonomously in any place at any time.