A complete suite of products

Our software platform and services help businesses to deploy self-driving technology sooner for safer and more efficient operations.

The only universal platform for autonomy

Enable, operate and scale any application of autonomy using a single universal platform. Our operating system for autonomy combines software that self-drives any vehicles, a suite of tools that accelerate deployment, and mission-control software for fleets of autonomous vehicles.

Modular COMPOSE Architecture

Our software is built to be highly modular without compromising performance, so that you can leverage the capabilities of a single component, a select few or the entire platform. Our customisable solutions are built to suit your needs.

Open autonomy by design

Our platform gives you flexibility. By avoiding lock-in with existing hardware, vehicles and sensors, it ensures you benefit from future innovations, whilst integrating seamlessly with other business platforms.

Safety first at all levels

Oxa’s platform puts safety front and centre. Resilience and redundancy at every level maximise the safety of everyone, in and outside of the vehicle, on public roads or off-road environments. Read more on safety.

Delivering value across the entire autonomy lifecycle

Wherever you are on your autonomy journey, we’re ready to help you unlock the benefits of self-driving technology across your organisation, today.

Oxa Driver is a full stack of high-performance software components that enable the safe and efficient self-driving of any vehicle, even in the most challenging of environments.

  • Any sensor, vehicle or platform

  • Low-energy, high-performance

  • Highly accurate and safe

  • Integrate the full stack, or embed specific components into other products and technology platforms

Precise positioning

Extremely high-precision, robust and reliable positioning of vehicles even without GPS ensures vehicles can self-drive in the most demanding of locations.

Intelligent perception

Accurately detect and predict the movement of vehicles, people and other objects, in any weather and light using any combination of sensors, even in complex scenes.

Rapid, accurate mapping

Easily deploy autonomous vehicles by generating highly detailed and automatically-annotated maps from 3rd party and captured data sources, without the challenge and cost of HD Maps.

Smooth, safe vehicle control

Safe, optimal path planning and vehicle control that can be tuned to any human driving profile ensures comfortable and reassuring passenger experiences.

Oxa MetaDriver is a suite of tools that combines generative AI, digital twins and simulation to accelerate machine learning and testing of self-driving technology before and during real-world use.

  • Train AV technology to perceive and predict better

  • Model the performance of AV operations using virtual simulation

  • Over 1,000x faster verification and validation than driving real-world miles

  • Use our full suite of tools, or access tools individually, depending on your requirements

Sensor expansion

Create and label high quality synthetic sensor data for any scene, any conditions and any time of the day.

Scenario expansion

Automatically generate complex scenarios and edge cases without manual scripting.


Build AV digital twins and virtual simulations to test and visualise self-driving applications.

Advance & Assure deployments

Discover where AVs can be effectively deployed and provide ongoing assurance for live operations.

Oxa Hub is the gateway to all of the tools and services that organisations need to deploy, manage, operate and analyse their self-driving applications. It acts as mission control for autonomous fleets driven by Oxa.

  • Command, control and manage fleets of autonomous vehicles

  • Respond in situations of elevated risk by sending remote assistance command

  • Integrate with third-party fleet- and data-management platforms

  • Underpinned by the security and scalability of Google Cloud